Sailing Inc. is a Quantum Sails affiliate, offering the world's best cruising, racing and one design sails and accessories. Along with selling new sails and accessories, we feature a full service sail loft for inspections, repairs, modifications and wash.

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About Quantum Sails

Quantum is connected to sailors everywhere through their love of sailing and their belief that facing every challenge head-on is infinitely rewarding.

That means challenging convention – especially if that’s what it takes to help customers and the sailing industry get to new, better places. As a company and as individuals, Quantum embraces every single challenge you bring their way as their own.

Since 1996, Quantum has focused on providing the best-performing products in sailing. Today, Quantum is equally relentless about delivering a higher standard of service, customer care, education, support and mentorship. It’s how Quantum will continue to help sailors at all levels pursue their passions and achieve their aspirations.

Quantum's commitment starts with their dedicated employees at more than 60 sail lofts around the world and includes hundreds more working behind the scenes to design, build and service Quantum® sails.

Sail Design & Technology

Quantum has taken the art and science of sailmaking to the highest level to produce the most efficient and fastest sail shapes possible. Quantum’s proprietary iQ Technology® system was created by experts with over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in both sailing and the complexities of engineered structures. The computational tool set of iQ Technology® is used by our experienced designers to perform virtual testing and complex analysis of aerodynamic performance and determine the ideal structural requirements of each sail.

Integrating state-of-the-art sail design and manufacturing methods with on-the-water-testing, Quantum® sails are perfected to offer sailors of all levels outstanding performance, consistency and repeatability.

Cruising Sails


It is a given that sails for cruising boats must be rugged, reliable and durable. All Quantum® cruising sails are ruggedly built to take on the most ambitious sailing plans. Construction and engineering details are simply the best. You can rest assured that when it comes to longevity Quantum has you covered. The harder bar to cross is providing great sail shape both initially and over time, and this is where Quantum is ahead of the field. 

Sail shape and minimizing stretch are the key variables in delivering optimum upwind performance and reducing heel and weather helm. These factors also extend a sail’s range before reefing or furling becomes necessary and have a big impact on the functionality of sail handling systems. Quantum offers a full range of options for the cruising sailor to achieve maximum control and comfortable, enjoyable sailing. Every upwind sail can be tailored to match boat size, budget and requirements for shape and shape life.

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Racing Sails


Quantum's racing sails are developed using the most technically advanced design, lamination, and shaping methods in the industry. Known as iQ Technology®, this integrated and proprietary process results in sail shapes that are fast, efficient, and infinitely repeatable.

Sail shape and minimizing stretch are the key variables in delivering optimum upwind performance and reducing heel and weather helm. These factors also extend a sail’s range. Quantum offers a full range of construction options for the racing sailor to help maximize shape and minimize stretch. Every upwind sail can be tailored to match boat size, budget, and demand for shape and shape life.

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One Design Sails


At Quantum® One Design, our mission is twofold: We want to help you win races and to have more fun sailing. In addition to offering a line of premium products, we’re here to guide our customers by offering tuning tips, racing clinics, one-on-one training and other services to help you meet your next challenge.

Our sails are developed using proprietary technology and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Each design is validated through rigorous on-the-water testing, proven on the most competitive racecourses around the world, and backed by a recognized team of One Design experts.

When you choose Quantum, you get more than just a new sail: You become a member of the Quantum One Design team, gaining access to the expertise of world champions as well as ongoing support and service.

We pride ourselves in the design and production of superior-quality sails built with customer satisfaction in mind. Each sail is crafted with the utmost care to assure peak performance. If you love sailing and demand the very best, you’ve come to the right place.

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Sail Service


Quantum sail lofts worldwide offer a broad array of sail maintenance and repair services to help you get the highest level of performance from your sails year after year. Annual inspections and maintenance not only increase sail performance but help to extend their lifespan—and can eliminate potential disasters later on. All of our work is warranted to be free of defects in construction and technique.

Sail Repair

From simple tears to complete sail reconstruction, every job receives the same attention to detail and eye to aesthetics. Most sail lofts can repair a tear, but it takes a truly skilled sailmaker to make the repair disappear. All of our service technicians engage the projects as if they were their own, and strive to ensure that repairs are not only structurally sound, but also cosmetically pleasing.

Precision Re-cuts

Let our service team help you get more performance out of your older sails. Using Quantum’s proprietary iQ Technology®, our service technicians and designers can evaluate your sail’s existing shape and develop a plan to return the sail to its originally designed profile—thus squeezing more speed and performance out of older sails. Often a relatively simple (and inexpensive) luff curve change can have a profound impact on your sail’s performance.

Multi-Point Inspection

The initial sail inspection is the most important service your sailmaker can provide, and Quantum is undeniably the industry leader. Our service technicians are painstakingly trained in the art of inspecting a sail, because it’s not enough to simply identify the needed repairs—we figure out why the sail needs repair and do our best to solve the problem, reducing future repair costs and downtime. At Quantum, we understand that the hardest part of sailmaking isn’t identifying the tear—it’s dissecting why the tear occurred and crafting a response that addresses the symptoms as well as the root problem. When inspecting a sail, we don’t simply look for damage, we leverage our incredible understanding of sail construction to critically evaluate the entire structure.


Allow our skilled staff to take some of the headache (and backache) out of your spring commissioning or fall de-commissioning. Don’t have a car big enough for your entire inventory? We can deliver to your yacht, no problem. Need assistance organizing post-regatta sail management? We can help.


Regular washing of your sails and canvas extends their lifespan and keeps them looking newer for longer. Salt crystals are corrosive and abrasive; if left on your sails and canvas, they will damage the fibers and stitching. Additionally, salt crystals will attract water, thus promoting an environment where mildew can thrive. Unlike some of our competitors, we use a non-agitated washing system, which ensures sails/canvas aren’t damaged during the washing process.


Installed a new roller furling system for you headsail? We can convert existing hank-on sails to utilize your furling system, including measuring your new system to getting the sail installed once complete.


This high-performance, ultra-low friction luff track system was designed to handle the higher demands of full-batten mainsails. These systems can be fitted to almost every existing mast with little difficulty, and without having to un-step the mast.

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