Harken 074 38mm 4-Hole Stainless Eyestrap

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Product Overview

Eyestraps are useful accessories. They form light-duty mounting bases for blocks, serve as lash-down points, and can be used for fairleads.

  • A (mm)83 mm
  • A (in)3 1/4 in
  • B (mm)19 mm
  • B (in)3/4 in
  • C (mm)38 mm
  • C (in)1 1/2 in
  • D (mm)16 mm
  • D (in)5/8 in
  • E (mm)16 mm
  • E (in)5/8 in
  • F (in)9/16 in
  • F (mm)14 mm
  • G (mm)70 mm
  • G (in)2 3/4 in
  • Weight (g)18 g
  • Weight (oz).64 oz
  • Fasteners (mm)6 mm
  • Fasteners (in)1/4 RH in
  • Breaking load (kg)1814 kg
  • Breaking load (lb)4000 lb


DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review