Membrane Plant


Our state of the art membrane plant is located in Auckland, New Zealand. The plant commenced production in October 2016 and is the most modern plant in the world.
All of our membranes are produced in New Zealand. We do not believe in offshoring our production process and are firm believers in producing a quality product which lasts, and as such want to be involved in every step of the production process.

Production process

The process starts with our Designer, who, using the latest sail design software creates a 3D mould of each sail, performing aero and structural analysis to ensure the optimal flying shape is achieved.

Calculations determining the markup, density and layout of the carbon fibre are performed to ensure the sail holds its shape for longer, adding to the longevity of the sail. We understand that longevity is more than just about the materials, so our Designer pays meticulous attention to detail to ensure the sail is optimally designed.

Our custom made plotting machine then lays the Carbon and Twaron fibre onto a base laminate. The machine’s software ensures the design created by our Designer is followed to the millimetre.

A top laminate is then laid and put under a powerful vacuum to eliminate all remaining solvents and oxygen. The final step in the production process is curing, which is conducted in a temperature controlled environment. Our unique electronic curing process ensures the best possible lamination, increasing both the strength and longevity of the membrane.


Carbon and/or Twaron fibre are used as the primary load bearing yarns in our laminates.

Carbon is one of the most popular high tech fibres used in sail making these days due to its high tensile strength, high modulus and its resistance to UV.

Carbon’s high modulus means a ‘stiffer’ sail which does not stretch as much, ensuring the optimal flying shape is retained for longer. This benefit however results in more brittleness, which reduces the longevity of the sail. To combat this, we add the aramid Twaron in the laminate to further strengthen the product. Based on your requirements our Designer determines the optimum mix of carbon and Twaron required.

Filament count: 6,000 / 12,000

Density g/cm3: 1.80

Modulus GPa: 250

Elongation at break %: 2.2

Tensile strength mpa: 5,51


Twaron is produced by the Teijin Group and is its flagship para-aramid. Twaron yarns are very strong, their tensile strength being two to three times higher than that of high strength polyester and polyamide yarns and five times higher than that of steel. Twaron has similar stretch properties to Kevlar but greater tensile strength and better UV resistance.

The Twaron black filament yarn we use is dope-dyed and therefore offers a good colour fastness.

Tenacity (mN/tex): 1,950

Linear density (dtex):1,210 – 3,360

Modulus GPa: 81

Elongation at break %: 3.8